Wedding Anniversary Gifts and ideas by Year

Anniversary Traditional Theme Modern Theme
1st Anniversary Paper Clocks
2nd Anniversary Straw or Cotton China
3rd Anniversary Leather Crystal or Glass
4th Anniversary Fruit & Flowers or Books Electrical Appliances
5th Anniversary Wood Silverware
6th Anniversary Sugar (Candy) or Iron Wood
7th Anniversary Copper or Wool Desk Set
8th Anniversary Pottery or Bronze Linen or Lace
9th Anniversary Willow or Pottery Leather
10th Anniversary Tin or Aluminum Diamond Jewellery
11th Anniversary Steel Fashion Jewellery
12th Anniversary Linen or Silk Pearls or Coloured Gems
13th Anniversary Lace Textiles or Furs
14th Anniversary Ivory Gold Jewellery
15th Anniversary Crystal Watches
16th Anniversary   Silver Holoware
17th Anniversary   Furniture
18th Anniversary   Porcelain
19th Anniversary   Bronze
20th Anniversary China Platinum
21st Anniversary   Brass or Nickel
22nd Anniversary   Copper
23rd Anniversary   Silver Plate
24th Anniversary   Musical Instruments
25th Anniversary Silver Silver
26th Anniversary   Original Pictures
27th Anniversary   Sculpture
28th Anniversary   Orchids
29th Anniversary   Furniture
30th Anniversary Pearl Diamond Jewellery
31st Anniversary   Timepieces
32nd Anniversary   Conveyances
33rd Anniversary   Amethyst
34th Anniversary   Opal
35th Anniversary Coral  Jade
36th Anniversary   Bone China
37th Anniversary   Alabaster
38th Anniversary   Beryl
39th Anniversary   Lace
40th Anniversary Ruby  Ruby
41st Anniversary   Land
42nd Anniversary   Improved Real Estate
43rd Anniversary   Travel
44th Anniversary   Groceries
45th Anniversary Sapphire Sapphire
46th Anniversary   Original Poetry Tribute
47th Anniversary   Books
48th Anniversary   Optical Goods
49th Anniversary   Luxuries, any kind
50th Anniversary Gold Gold Jewellery
55th Anniversary Emerald Emerald
60th Anniversary Diamond Diamonds
70th Anniversary Platinum or Diamond Platinum or Diamond
75th Anniversary Diamonds Diamonds
80th Anniversary   Oak
100th Anniversary   Ten Carat Diamond


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To see more details on the specific wedding anniversary year you are interested in please click the year hyperlink above for full details on all the symbols along with a selection of popular gift ideas suitable for the year.

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Further details are available on our Anniversaries' history page.