What is your Name Day?

What is a Name Day

Celebrated across most of Europe, Name days are equivalent to Birthdays if you are unfamiliar with the concept; gifts and cards are given as well as parties held in the persons honour.

Originally from Feast days of Saints with the same given or first name much of Europe celebrate Name Days in much the same way as Birthdays are celebrated in the UK and America.

Your Name day is the Feast day of the Saint with the same given or first name. Below we've listed all the names we've collected to date and the day of the year their name-day falls on. If yours is not listed then email us and we will try to find if you have a name-day.

What's in a name? Lots of names have a  history or pedigree to them that have seen the test of time. Some names remain as popular today as they were in biblical times whereas some have fallen out of favour with new ones becoming more popular. Lots of names come from locations, such as towns or villages, often these do not have a date associated with the name

Select the first letter of the Name you want to find, the M or F in brackets following the name represents whether we are referring to the male of female version of the name.

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Names beginning with A

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Adelaide (F) Adrian (M) Adrianne (F)
Adrien (M) Adrienne (F) Aegidius (M)
Agnes (F) Agneta (F) Aileen (F)
Alastair (M) Albert (M) Alberta (F)
Alec (M) Alessandra (F) Alex (M)
Alex (F) Alexander (M) Alexei (F)
Alexis (M) Alexis (F) Aleydis (F)
AlIa (F) Alice (F) Alicia (F)
Alisa (F) Alisdair (M) Alison (F)
Aloys (M) Aloysius (M) Alys (F)
Alyssa (F) Anders (M) Andre (M)
Andrea (M) Andrea (F) Andree (F)
Andrew (M) Andy (M) Anette (F)
Angel (M) Angela (F) Angelica (F)
Angelina (F) Angeline (F) Angelo (M)
Anna (F) Anne (F) Annie (F)
Annis (F) Anthony (M) Antoine (M)
Antoinette (F) Anton (M) Antonella (F)
Antonia (F) Anya (F) Aubert (M)
Audrey (F)

Names beginning with B

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Babette (M) Barbara (F)
Barnabas (M) Barnaby (M) Barnard (M)
Barnet (M) Barney (M) Barney (M)
Bart (M) Bartelmy (M) Bartholomea (F)
Bartholomew (M) Bedella (F) Belle (F)
Ben (M) Bendix (M) Benedick (M)
Benedict (M) Benedicta (F) Benet (M)
Benita (F) Benito (M) Bennett (M)
Bennie (M) Bennie (F) Benny (M)
Benny (F) Bern (M) Berna (F)
Bernadette (F) Bernard (M) Bernarda (F)
Bernarde (F) Bernardine (F) Berneta (F)
Bernhard (M) Bernice (F) Bernie (M)
Bernie (F) Berny (M) Berny (F)
Bert (M) Bert (M) Bert (M)
Bertie (M) Bertie (M) Bertie (M)
Berty (M) Bess (F) Bessie (F)
Beth (F) Betsy (F) Bettina (F)
Betty (F) Biddy (F) Bill (M)
Billie (M) Billie (F) Billy (M)
Billy (F) Binnie (F) Birgitta (F)
Bob (M) Bobbie (M) Bobbie (F)
Bride (F) Bridget (F) Brigid (F)
Brigitte (F) Britt (F) Bruno (M)

Names beginning with C

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Caitlin (F) Calinda (F) Carl (M)
Carla (F) Carlo (M) Carlos (M)
Carlotta (F) Carol (F) Carroll (M)
Caryl (M) Caterina (F) Catharine (F)
Catherine (M) Cathleen (F) Cathryn (F)
Cathy (F) Catriona (F) Cecil (M)
Cecilia (F) Cecille (F) Celia (F)
Celine (F) Charlene (F) Charles (M)
Charlotte (F) Cheryl (F) Chiara (F)
Chick (M) Chris (M) Chris (F)
Chrissie (M) Chrissie (F) Christabel (F)
Christian (M) Christiana (F) Christie (M)
Christina (F) Christine (F) Christopher (M)
Chrystal (M) Chuck (M) Ciara (F)
Ciaran (F) Cicely (F) Cis (F)
Cissie (F) Claire (F) Clara (F)
Clare (F) Claribel (F) Clarice (F)
Clarissa (F) Clarrie (F) Claus (M)
Clem (F) Clemency (F) Clement (M)
Clementia (F) Clementina (F) Clementine (F)
Cole (M) Colette (F) Colin (M)
Collet (M) Crispian (M) Crispianius (M)
Crispin (M) Crispina (F) Crispinian (M)

Names beginning with D

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Dafydd (M) Dai (M) Daisy (F)
Dami (M) Damian (M) Damien (M)
Damon (M) Damyan (M) Dan (M)
Daniel (M) Daniella (F) Danielle (F)
Danny (M) Dave (M) David (M)
Davida (F) Davidina (F) Davin (M)
Davina (F) Davinia (F) Davita (F)
Davy (M) Deiniol (M) Dewi (M)
Dick (M) Dickie (M) Dickon (M)
Dod (M) Doddy (M) Dodie (F)
Dolly (F) Dom (M) Domenic (M)
Domingo (M) Dominic (M) Dominica (F)
Dominique (F) Dora (F) Doreen (F)
Dorinda (F) Dorothea (F) Dorothy (F)
Dorrit (F) Dory (F) Dot (F)
Dottie (F) Drew (M)

Names beginning with E

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Eamon (M)
Ed (M) Ed (M) Eddie (M)
Eddie (M) Edmond (M) Edmund (M)
Edward (M) Egidia (F) Egidius (M)
Eileen (F) Elaine (F) Eleanor (F)
Elena (F) Elinor (F) Elisabeth (F)
Elise (F) Eliza (F) Elizabeth (F)
Ella (F) Ellen (F) Ellie (F)
Elly (F) Elsa (F) Elsie (F)
Elspeth (F) Em (F) Em (F)
Emalia (F) Emil (M) Emilia (F)
Emilie (F) Emily (F) Emma (M)
Emmie (F) Emmie (F) Emmy (F)
Eric (M) Erma (F) Etheldreda (F)
Etta (F) Ettie (F) Evan (M)
Ewan (M)

Names beginning with F

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Fan (F) Fanny (F)
Felice (F) Felicia (F) Felicity (F)
Felix (M) Fifi (F) Fiorella (F)
Fleur (F) Floella (F) Flora (F)
Florai (F) Floretta (F) Floriane (F)
Floris (F) Florrie (F) Fran (M)
Frances (F) Francesca (F) Francine (F)
Francis (M) Francoise (F) Frank (M)
Frankie (F) Franklin (M) Franky (M)
Franny (F)

Names beginning with G

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Gabby (M) Gabby (F)
Gabe (M) Gabey (F) Gabriel (M)
Gabriella (F) Gabrielle (F) Gary (M)
Gemma (F) Geordie (M) George (M)
Georgette (F) Georgia (F) Georgiana (F)
Georgie (F) Georgina (F) Gerald (M)
Geralda (F) Geraldine (F) Gerrie (M)
Gerrie (M) Gerrie (F) Gerry (M)
Gerry (M) Gerry (F) Gib (M)
Gibb (M) Gil (M) Gilbert (M)
Gilberta (F) Gilberte (F) Giles (M)
Giles (F) Gill (F) Gillean (M)
Gillian (F) Gillie (F) Gina (F)
Gita (F) Greer (F) Greer (M)
Greg (M) Gregg (M) Gregor (M)
Gregoria (F) Gregory (M) Greta (F)
Guy (M) Gwylim (M) Gyles (M)

Names beginning with H

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Hal (M) Hamish (M) Hank (M)
Hannah (F) Harry (M) Hattie (F)
Helen (F) Helena (F) Henrietta (F)
Henry (M) Hettie (F) Hetty (F)
Hew (M) Hide (F) Hilaira (F)
Hilaire (M) Hilary (M) Hilda (F)
Hildy (F) Huey (M) Hugette (F)
Hugh (M) Hughes (M) Hughie (M)
Hugo (M) Huw (M) Hylda (F)

Names beginning with I

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Ian (M) Ilene (F) Illaria (F)
Imma (F) Ines (F) Inez (F)
Irma (F) Isabel (F) Isabella (F)
Isobel (F)

Names beginning with J

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Jack (M) Jackie (F)
Jacklyn (F) Jacoba (F) Jacqueline (F)
Jacquetta (F) Jake (M) James (M)
Jamesina (F) Jamey (M) Jamie (M)
Jan (M) Jan (F) Jan (F)
Jane (F) Janet (F) Janet (F)
Janey (F) Janice (F) Janice (F)
Janie (F) Janie (F) Janine (F)
Jay (M) Jean (F) Jeanette (F)
Jem (M) Jemmy (M) Jennie (F)
Jenny (F) Jerold (M) Jerome (M)
Jerrie (F) Jerrie (M) Jerry (M)
Jerry (F) Jerry (M) Jessie (F)
Jevan (M) Jill (F) Jilly (F)
Jim (M) Jimmy (M) Jinny (F)
Jo (F) Jo (M) Joan (F)
Joan (F) Joanna (F) Joanne (F)
Jock (M) Joe (M) Joey (M)
John (M) Johnny (M) Jolene (F)
Jolyan (M) Jolyon (M) Joni (F)
Joseph (M) Josephine (F) Josette (F)
Josie (F) Jules (M) Jules (F)
Julia (F) Julian (M) Juliana (F)
Julie (F) Juliet (F) Julitta (F)
Julius (M) Justin (M) Justina (F)

Names beginning with K

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Karel (M) Karen (F) Karl (M)
Kate (F) Katherine (F) Kathleen (F)
Kathryn (F) Katia (F) Katy (F)
Kaye (F) Keiran (M) Kerry (F)
Kerry (M) Kester (M) Kevan (M)
Kevin (M) Kiera (F) Kieran (M)
Kieron (M) Kira (F) Kirsten (F)
Kirsty (F) Kit (F) Kit (M)
Kitty (F)

Names beginning with L

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lain (M) Lana (F)
Lanty (M) Larry (M) Laura (F)
Laurel (F) Lauren (F) Laurence (M)
Laurencia (F) Laurie (M) Laurie (F)
Laurien (M) Lawrence (M) Lawrie (M)
Len (M) Lena (F) Lena (F)
Lenard (M) Lennie (M) Lenny (M)
Leo (M) Leoline (M) Leon (M)
Leona (F) Leonard (M) Leonard (M)
Leonarda (F) Leonarda (F) Leonie (F)
Leonora (F) Leonora (F) Leonore (F)
Lew (M) Lewes (M) Lewis (M)
Liam (M) Lib (F) Libbie (F)
Libby (F) LiIlibet (F) Linda (F)
Lionel (M) Lisa (F) Lise (F)
Liselotte (F) Lisette (F) Liva (F)
Livia (F) Livy (F) Liz (F)
Lizzie (F) Lizzy (F) Lois (F)
Loise (F) Lola (F) Lolita (F)
Lonnie (M) Loretta (F) Lori (F)
Lorrie (F) Lorrie (M) Lotte (F)
Lottie (F) Lou (M) Louie (M)
Louie (F) Louis (M) Louisa (F)
Louise (F) Lu (F) Lucas (M)
Lucasta (F) Lucia (F) Lucian (M)
Lucien (M) Lucille (F) Lucinda (F)
Lucinde (F) Lucius (M) Luck (M)
Lucy (F) Ludovic (M) Luis (M)
Luisa (F) Luke (M) Lulu (F)
Lynda (F)

Names beginning with M

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Mad (F) Maddy (F)
Madeleine (F) Madeline (F) Madge (F)
Magda (F) Magdalene (F) Maggie (F)
Maia (F) Maire (F) Maisie (F)
Malina (F) Mame (F) Mamie (F)
Mamie (F) Manon (F) Margaret (F)
Margaretta (F) Margery (F) Marghanita (F)
Margot (F) Marguerite (F) Maria (F)
Marian (F) Mariana (F) Marianne (F)
Marice (F) Marie (F) Mariel (F)
Marietta (F) Marilyn (F) Marina (F)
Marion (F) Marisa (F) Marjorie (F)
Marjory (F) Mark (M) Marta (F)
Martha (F) Martie (F) Martin (M)
Martina (F) Mary (F) Maryanne (F)
Masha (F) Matilda (F) Matt (M)
Mattea (F) Matthea (F) Matthew (M)
Matthias (M) Mattie (F) Mattie (F)
Matty (F) Maud (F) Maude (F)
Maura (F) Maureen (F) Max (M)
Maxime (M) Maximilian (M) Maximus (M)
Maxine (F) May (F) May (F)
Meg (F) Megan (F) Meghan (F)
Mel (F) Mela (F) Melania (F)
Melanie (F) Melinda (F) Melly (F)
Melony (F) Meriel (F) Meryl (F)
Micah (M) Michael (M) Michaela (F)
Michel (M) Michele (F) Micheline (F)
Michelle (F) Mick (M) Mickie (F)
Micky (M) Mike (M) Mimi (F)
Min (F) Mina (F) Minette (F)
Minna (F) Minnie (F) Minnie (F)
Miriam (F) Mischa (M) Mitch (M)
Mitchell (M) Mitzi (F) Moira (F)
Moire (F) Mollie (F) Molly (F)
Mona (F) Monica (F) Monika (F)
Monique (F) Mungo (M)

Names beginning with N

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Nan (F)
Nana (F) Nancy (F) Nat (M)
Natalia (F) Natalie (F) Natasha (F)
Nathalia (F) Nathalie (F) Nathan (M)
Nathaneal (M) Nathaniel (M) Natty (F)
Natty (M) Ned (M) Ned (M)
Neddy (M) Nell (F) Nellie (F)
Nelly (F) Nessie (F) Nesta (F)
Netta (F) Netta (F) Nettie (F)
Nettie (F) Nettie (F) Netty (F)
Nichol (M) Nichola (F) Nicholas (M)
Nick (M) Nick (M) Nickie (F)
Nicky (F) Nicky (M) Nicky (M)
Nicola (F) Nicole (F) Nicolette (F)
Nikki (F) Nita (F) Nola (F)
Noll (M) Nollie (F)

Names beginning with O

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Olive (F)
Oliver (M) Olivette (F) Olivia (F)
Ollie (F) Ollie (M) Olva (F)
Orsa (F) Orson (M) Owen (M)

Names beginning with P

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Paddie (M) Paddie (F) Paddy (M)
Padraic (M) Padraig (M) Parry (M)
Pat (F) Pat (M) Patrice (M)
Patrice (F) Patricia (F) Patrick (M)
Patsy (F) Pattie (F) Paul (M)
Paulette (F) Pauline (F) Paulinus (M)
Pearce (M) Peggy (F) Pepina (F)
Pepita (F) Perkin (M) Perry (M)
Peta (F) Pete (M) Peter (M)
Petra (F) Petrina (F) Phil (M)
Phili (F) Philip (M) Philippa (F)
Phillip (M) Piera (F) Pierce (M)
Pierina (F) Piers (M) Pip (M)
Pippa (F) Pippi (F) Pyrs (M)

Names beginning with Q

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Quentin (M) Quinn (M) Quint (M)
Quinta (F) Quintilla (F) Quintin (M)
Quinton (M)

Names beginning with R

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Rab (M) Rabbie (M)
Ray (M) Raymond (M) Raymonda (F)
Raymonde (F) Raymund (M) Rhoda (F)
Richard (M) Richarda (F) Richenda (F)
Richie (M) Rick (M) Rickie (F)
Ricky (F) Ricky (M) Rita (F)
Ritchie (M) Rob (M) Robbie (F)
Robbie (M) Robby (M) Robena (F)
Robert (M) Roberta (F) Robin (M)
Robin (F) Robina (F) Robyn (F)
Rock (M) Rois (F) Ronnie (F)
Rosa (F) Rose (F) Rosetta (F)
Rosie (F) Rosina (F) Rosita (F)
Rosy (F) Rupert (M) Rupert (M)
Ruperta (F) Ruperta (F)

Names beginning with S

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Sacha (M)
Sandie (F) Sandra (F) Sandy (F)
Sandy (M) Sasha (F) Seamus (M)
Sean (M) Senga (F) Shaun (M)
Sheelagh (F) Sheena (F) Sheena (F)
Sheenagh (F) Sheila (F) Shelly (F)
Shushana (F) Si (M) Sian (F)
Sian (F) Sim (M) Simeon (M)
Simon (M) Simone (F) Sine (F)
Sine (F) Sinead (F) Sinead (F)
Siobhan (F) Sonia (F) Sonnie (F)
Sonya (F) Sophia (F) Sophie (F)
Sosanna (F) Stephen (M) Sue (F)
Sukey (F) Suki (F) Susan (F)
Susanna (F) Susanne (F) Susie (F)
Suzanna (F) Suzanne (F) Suzette (F)
Suzi (F)

Names beginning with T

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Tam (M) Tamara (F)
Tamas (M) Tamasine (F) Tammy (F)
Tamsin (F) Tasha (F) Ted (M)
Ted (M) Teddy (M) Teddy (M)
Teresa (F) Terese (F) Terrie (F)
Terrie (F) Terry (F) Terry (F)
Tess (F) Tess (F) Tessa (F)
Tessa (F) Theresa (F) Therese (F)
Thomas (M) Thomasina (F) Tim (M)
Timmie (M) Timmy (M) Timothea (F)
Timothy (M) Tina (F) Tina (F)
Tolly (M) Tom (M) Tomas (M)
Tommy (M) Tompkin (M) Toni (F)
Tonia (F) Tonie (F) Tony (M)
Tony (F) Tottie (F) Tracey (F)
Tracey (F) Tracy (F) Tracy (F)
Tricia (F) Trina (F) Trish (F)
Trisha (F)

Names beginning with U

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Ulla (F) Ursa (F)
Ursula (F) Ursulina (F)

Names beginning with V

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Val (F)
Valeria (F) Valerian (M) Valerie (F)
Valery (M) Valma (F) Veda (F)
Velma (F) Vera (F) Verena (F)
Veronica (F) Veronique (F) Vick (M)
Vicki (F) Vickie (F) Vicky (F)
Victor (M) Victoria (F) Victorine (F)
Vida (F) Vie (M) Vilette (F)
Vilma (F) Vincent (M) Vita (F)
Vita (F)

Names beginning with W

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Wihelmina (F) Wilella (F)
Wilhelmine (F) Will (M) Willa (F)
Willamina (F) William (M) Willie (M)
Willis (M) Willy (M) Wilma (F)
Wilmette (F) Wilmot (F) Wilmot (M)
Wilson (M) Wylma (F)

Names beginning with Y

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Yllaria (F)
Yorick (M) Ysabel (F)

Names beginning with Z

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Zandra (F)
Zane (M) Zazilie (F) Zilla (F)
Zissie (F) Zsa Zsa (F)

Other Names Day resources

Name days stem from celebrations or festivals held to celebrate Saints, these dates were chosen by the relevant church that had declared the person a Saint and as they were often only referred to by a single name then the festival became known as that particular name's day hence name day. The  popular custom of celebrating your name day is wide spread across Europe and the middle east it's rise can be traced back to people's desire to have the occasional party and with literacy being constrained to clergy and similar scribes then people would not know the date unless informed via this route hence if your saint name was being celebrated then why not push the boat out!

Anniversary Etiquette : Answers the popular questions on anniversary etiquette; how to celebrate, why celebrate, gift giving and more commonly asked questions.

All Wedding Anniversaries details If you are celebrating a year that is not in the traditional list then this page gives themes and symbols for ever year up to the 50th and then every 5th up to the 100th

Whilst we make every attempt to ensure the information provided is accurate errors can occur, if you notice one please and we will correct it.